(VIDEO) Exclusive, SoloWheel, the handy electric unicycle

The American company, The Inventist is specialized in the development of means of transportation and innovative vehicles. Nevertheless none of them were referenced in our database until now… Because they were not really useful on a daily basis, more like leisure objects apart from the Orbit Wheels

But here comes the SoloWheel: for the moment the product is not visible on their site, the information is limited to the specification sheet entered the category of the NIV ( Not identified Vehicles) on the site, and to this video.

This mono-wheel electric vehicle will be launched in the United States this March and later in Europe…

The American price is $1500, a little more than 1000€, for an announced range of 2hours and a max speed of 20kph. Its competitors: the MagicWheel and SBU

On the paper this vehicle seems convincing, easy to carry, quickly recharged (45min), offering a respectable speed and an autonomy far from ridiculous. 

The manoeuvrability of the object remains to estimate because even equipped with gyroscopes it is more the question of balance that could by problematic…

The SoloWheel deserves a real test ride that we will hopefully offer you within a few weeks to verify the characteristics given by the manufacturer.

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