(VIDEO) The 260 MPG Car, VW XL1

Just a few days ago, we were announcing that VW was about to reveal an updated version of the L1 concept.
The model revealed is called the XL1 and its ecological performances are astonishing, its hits 260mpg, or 0,9l per 100 km, it is the world's most fuel efficient car!

The VW XL1 is still a diesel plug-in hybrid with:

Increased power
-Diesel engine: 800cc twin cylinder turbodiesel that produces 48hp
-Electric engine: 27hp and Lithium Ion batteries to offer a 35km range in electric only

Lowered consumption and emission figures
-0,9l per 100km
-24g of Co² per km
-Range of 550km with only 10l of diesel

Thanks to its CRFP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) body the total is 795kg.

In “full power” mode the torque goes from 100Nm to 140Nm.

Max speed 160km/h
0 to 100kph in 11,9 seconds

Its lines are designed for efficiency, the XL1 shorter than a Polo and lower than a Gallardo, allowing an impressive Cd of 0,186

Watch out for VW’s eco-bullet Toyota… 

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