Rumour, launch of the VW L1

Initially presented at the Frankfurt auto show in 2009 as a concept, VW should show a more definitive version of the L1, a very frugal two seater car at the Qatar auto show. 

The same rumours say that it will go on sale in 2013. 
We shall know more about it soon, as the Qatar auto show opens its doors next Wednesday, on January 26th.

The purpose, achieve a 1l per 100km fuel consumption
At its first presentation in 2009 the characteristics of the vehicle were:

Hybrid: a 800cc TDI engine combined to an electric engine
Stop-Start technology
Torque: 100Nm
7 speed DSG gearbox
Max speed: 160kph
Emissions: 36g / km

Two drive modes "ECO " and "Sport"
ECO: 27hp
Sport: 39hp

With the new technologies available, the ecological performances of L1 should improve and maybe that the of 1l per 100km objective will be achieved.

Source : Autobild

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