Newcomer in the e-tron range

Even the children can have an Audi e-tron!

Audi is going to present this electric roadster in the 62nd  toy show of Nuremberg (from 3 to 8 February) it is called the “Auto Union Type C e-tron study” , for the moment it’s only a prototype

An electric engine feeds the back wheels, it has a power of 1,5hp and 40Nm of continuous torque (60 in peak but brief). 
The Type C e-tron study reaches a maximal speed of 30kph for a 25km range, it also has a reverse gear. Recharging takes 2 hours.

Stop crying, even the big children have access to it, as long as you don’t exceed 1m80.
It is a pity Christmas is already over we will have to wait next year …

Possibly, we have under our eyes the future of mobility! A city with only small electric cars like this one could be very fun …

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