Chrysler is working on hydraulic hybrids

In partnership with the American agency for the environment (EPA) and Eaton, Chrysler announced yesterday that they are working on a hybrid technology different from the one of their competitors. 
A hydraulic hybrid.

Chrysler is one of the only big American manufacturers not to offer an hybrid vehicle in its range but they are about to catch up....

This technology relays on the transmission and the pressure of the fluids:
“The research project will focus on adapting the hydraulic hybrid system to a Chrysler Town & Country minivan equipped with a 2.4-liter, inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. Components of the hydraulic hybrid system include a 117 cc engine pump, a 45 cc drive electric motor and a two-speed automatic transmission. Fluid for the system will be stored in a 14.4-gallon high pressure accumulator.

The system produces power with engine torque driving a hydraulic pump that charges the high pressure accumulator of up to 5,000 p.s.i. The high-pressure accumulator delivers the pressure energy to the axle hydraulic motor, giving the vehicle power to drive the wheels. The gas engine will remain off if the accumulator charge is sufficient to drive the motor.”

As a result, consumptions and emissions figure are declining by 35 % on average

The Chrylser Town & Country hybrid will be the first hybrid mini-van. It should be officially released in 2012 or 2013.
To note, a Chrysler 300 hybrid based on the same technology is also planned and should be released within the same time frame…

Source: Chrysler

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