(VIDEO) Finally, Tesla’s Model S on the road!

Here is a video freshly uploaded by Tesla …

Having seen all that was under its skin a few days ago, today, we discover the Model S final silhouette, and it is far from being a disappointment …

Forget what we knew about the Model S front end, because this version, a pre-production prototype or Alpha is almost definitive. It is very close to the model that will be sold in 2012.
Except for a radiator grill which is presumably used to hide the definitive one (just a supposition…)
We discover: 
A more sharp silhouette thanks to its headlamps. 
Redesigned antifogs lamps easily noticeable thanks to two small claws matching the colour of the body on the front spoiler. 
New rims.
Add to this a few quick curves and you get: me, a happy man!

1min40 of PURE pleasure 

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