2011, a good year for the Bolloré group

180€ millions in loans in just three weeks

After the 130€ million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB or BEI) last Monday, January 10th, intended to finance the group’s program of R&D: its new factory for Lithium Metal Polymer batteries (LMP) but also for its subsidiary IER.

Yesterday, it was the “turn” of the French government to prove its commitment with the group. 

During the inauguration of the Ergué-Gabéric (in Brittany) factory corner stone, Eric Besson the French minister of industry declared:
"The State is by your side, today, by the 50 million euro loan which is granted to you, as it is beside all the industrialists who make the dynamism of our country"

These two loans are going to support the cost of development of this new factory which represents a 250 million euro investment and the creation of 300 jobs. Beginning of activity: summer 2012.

As a matter of fact, with the trust showed by the French State and Europe, no more problems for the group Bolloré or the Autolib project which viability was questioned on diverse internet media since the announcement of the winner last December … 
Moreover the calendar of the deliveries of Autolib proves that Autolib is on the tracks: 60 vehicles in June, 250 in September, 1 750 in March 2012 then 3000 …

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