(VIDEO) SARTRE project, first tests

Always dreamed of reading your newspaper on the highway?

Volvo has just announced the first tests in real conditions of the project SARTRE, an European initiative that I presented you few weeks ago.

The principle is the platooning, a convoy of autonomous vehicles. The convoy is lead by a professional driver especially trained, behind him, the other vehicles take place. Each vehicle measures the distance, the speed and adjusts according to the car in front. At any time a vehicle can leave the convoy.

What are the advantages?
- Road safety.
- Reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to a stabilized speed and to the drafting phenomenon.
- Freedom of the driver who can read its newspaper, take a break or a coffee
- More regular speed = less traffic jam

The technology is quite operational and could be on our road in just a few years.

The major issue is not the technology itself but rather its application through Europe and an agreement with a harmonization for 25 European governments … 
And the public acceptance because, driving (even at 90kph) without looking at the road and only relying on its car should not be so easy …

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