The EV cup begins this year

The EV Cup first championship of electric cars in England announced today, during the Autosport show in Birmingham that its inaugural season would be launched this year. It will begin August 6th in Silverstone.

For the moment two categories of vehicles will race, a “driving” cup with identical vehicles.

Class 1: electric City cars with the Think City prepared for the race

Class 2: electric Sportscars with Westfield iRacer capable of achieving a 185kph

The third class will be prototypes. They will not participate in the races strictly speaking but will be present as technological demonstrator.

The planned stages are in England but also in Portugal, Spain and in the United States, a city event should soon be announced! 

The confirmed dates are:
August 6th in Silverstone
August 20th in Snetterton
September 10th in Rockingham
October 23rd in Brands Hatch

“Race day will include qualifying rounds and all car batteries will be recharged at on-site facilities.  Each sprint race will be contested over 20 to 30 minutes of competitive laps.”

Here are the iRacer prototype perfomances

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