(VIDEO) 270kph (170mph) with an electric car

This figure could soon be yours, at least if you leave in the United States and close to race track... Li-ion motors, one of the winners of the Automotive X Prize 2010 is finally taking orders for its Inizio and its Wave II with deliveries expected for mid 2011

Several levels of performances are available:

For the Wave II the base price is $39000, while for the Inizio, it begins at $139000
Wave II: two models S and SE, in bottom of the range the S version. With about forty kg of difference and  40,3kWh batteries the SE version offers a 321km range!


As for the Inizio several versions will also be available but Li-ion motors has not revealed more details yet, all  we know is that for $139000 you can buy the world’s fastest street legal electric … If you need proofs, just watch the video!

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