BYD's electric strategy

We knew the Chinese manufacturer BYD very interested in the electric with its BYD e6 presented already more than 2 years ago. Its arrival on the American market planned for 2012 will allow BYD to concretize its ambitions.

This electric model, the e6 will not be BYD’s only vehicle to enter US market in 2012 two other hybrids will be available with the F3DM described as a plug-in hybrid, it is more precisely a car with a range extender symbolized by the initials DM for Dual Mode, a technology developed by BYD. The last vehicle equipped with this technology looks like Lexus RX, it’s the BYD S6DM
BYD’s advantages:
- A safe “Fe” battery which supports fast charge: connected to a fast charger, the e6 can get charged by 50 % in just a few minutes. 
- Chinese prices
- Use of the latest technologies, as the range extender
For the prices, BYD announces $35000 for the e6 and $28800 for the F3DM but nothing has been revealed for the S6DM
We don’t know if BYD will sell its cars to Europe anytime soon but these models could democratize electric mobility!
Few details are available on the S6DM for the moment but for specs sheets of the e6 and F3DM just click on their names…

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