(VIDEO) Motorcycle race, the hare and the tortoise

10 gasoline race motorcycles and one electric… Any forecasts? 
By the way, I forgot to specify, it’s Chip Yates’s electric motorcycle!

After articles dedicated to the motorcycle on TechVehi in September and in October, we are delighted to be able to show you what it looks like on a race track… 

The bike accelerates very hard, the few times we see the full throttle mode, it simply flies away leaving everyone behind

You can feel that the machine is heavy in the turns (265kg or 585 pounds) but the 240hp are there to compensate. Chip Yates estimates that the bike can reach 270kph + (170mph)

Result on the track? During a professional championship, the WERA, which season began this weekend: two races, two podiums! That’s a shame the bike couldn’t compete in the TTXGP because of the 250kg weight limit…

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