(VIDEO) Detroit 2011, two new Prius, V and C

The Prius family welcomes two new members

We were expecting a new Prius which had been teased by Toyota, this estate version, nammed Prius V for Versatility. But Toyota also revealed another concept, called Prius C, for both concept and coupé. We recognize behind this concept the lines of the FT-CH now badged Prius.

While the V model is bigger than its “sisters” the ecological performances will be, as usual, class leading. With an estimated EPA fuel economy of 5,5l per 100km in town (42mpg), 6l per 100km on highway (38mpg) and 5,7l in combined mode (40mpg).  

The Prius V, which will be available by the end of summer 2011 will be one of the first Toyota to offer the Entune system that I was presenting you a few days ago.

As for Prius c Concept, small city vehicle, more urban and more dynamic, it will be the “youth” version with its sleek lines and hatchback style. The Prius C will be on sale in the United states by 2012. 

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