Electric Volvo C30 after crash

Volvo has always been synonym of safety and plans to remain like this by exposing on its stand in Detroit a C30 electric after a crash test.

Volvo puts its electric communication focus on safety. It is true that little manufacturers really speaks about it while it is an important subject, this mode of propulsion is inevitably bound to develop, then you’d rather ask yourself the good questions from the beginning. 

After the crash, this C30 batteries and cables remained intact which is essential to avoid any risk of electrocution…

"We are the first car maker in the world to show what a truly safe electric car looks like after a crash"
"We believe that not everyone that now launching or is in the process of launching electric cars are approaching the safety challenges as we are. But Volvo will never compromise on its stringent safety demands"
Stefan Jacoby, President & CEO of Volvo Cars

About Volvo’s electric strategy:

-Volvo electric C30, is now in test phase in fleets and the first commercial units will be delivered in Sweden in 2012. 
- Launch of a plug-in hybrid in Europe by 2012 with a diesel engine. A version with gasoline engine will be available later in the United States
- Finally, Volvo is going to hybridize its vehicle range, combined with downsized engines it will allow improved fuel economy and emissions.

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