(VIDEO) GM's EN-V at CES 2011

After Shanghai’s Wolrd Expo, the EN-Vs (Electric Network Vehicle) invade Las Vegas.

This year, Las Vegas’s CES took a very automotive turn, not only because of the presentation of more and more sophisticated in-car technologies, but also with the various electric vehicles showcased: Audi, Ford and … GM, with these concepts as “design” as innovative.

Based on Segway technologies these vehicles are GM’s vision of urban mobility in the future. A 1.5m long electric vehicle that weighs less than 500kg with a 40km range and a maximum speed of 40kph. 

Two drive modes available manual or autonomous!

In brief a very interesting solution already taking three different forms with the names of Jiao (Pride) in red, Miao (Magic) in blue and Xiao (Laugh) in black.  

Par Technologic Vehicles
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