The mono wheel motorbike, UNOIII by BPG soon available

After years of work and multiple prototypes BPG werks, Ben Gulak's company presents a new version of its electric motorcycle the UNOIII " safe and road ready ".

For those who did not follow the evolution of this motorcycle called the UNO it is a crazy project imagined by Ben Gulak, who got since another genius idea that he called the DTV Shredder, without ever forgetting the UNO project. 

So, this version, the UNOIII, the last evolution, could be soon commercialized. At the moment no information on a release date or pricing is available but it is encouraging for this innovative electric motorcycle that since the very beginning seemed to cool to be on sale on day... But it was without counting on the tenacity of its inventor-entrepreneur …

Here is a video of UnoIII as well as a summary of the various phases of the project UNO.

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