An electric Helicopter


Sikorsky Innovations, the technology development company of Sikorsky Aircraft announced today that they developed an all-electric helicopter technology demonstrator.

The Firefly will be unveiled on July 26 at the EAA.
The objective is to prove the benefits of an electrically powered rotorcraft.

Using a S-300C ™helicopter, the Firefly has:
-An electric motor producing 200hp and digital controller from U.S. Hybrid
-Lithium Ion energy storage system from Gaia
-Integrated sensors to provide real time aircraft health information
-A custom airframe executed by Eagle Aviation Technologies

Mark Miller, Sikorsky’s Vice President, said “Through the electrical conversion, propulsion efficiency is roughly increased by 300 percent from baseline… reducing the quantity of moving parts, increases reliability and reduces direct operating costs.”

Source: Sikorsky

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