(VIDEO) Dobbertin Hydrocar for sale

You have 8 days left to buy or make an offer on this completely unreasonable amphibian vehicle, in no way green but just one of a kind because of its outrageousness. 

This aluminum machine weighs 3,8 tons, measures 6,8m long, 3m wide, and produces 762hp … 
The Hydrocar required 9 years of work to its creator Rick Dobbertin.

The FULL detail list on the Hydrocar is available on e-bay. The Hydrocar isn’t Mr Dobbertin first project, thanks to the money he collected from selling its previous creations and to its numerous sponsors, he managed to build this vehicle which is now for sale on e-bay at $777.000!

So, for the lovers of useless objects: you have a car that you cannot use on the road (because of its dimensions, the Hydrocar only moves in trailer) and a boat that looks fast but isn’t... Nice!

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