Ocean Empire the efficient self-sufficient yacht

The Ocean Empire Life Support Vessel (LSV) by Sauter Design is a 44m Solar Hybrid yacht
It uses three major sources of energy:

-The Sun powers a 400 sq. meter 70kw Solar Array and illuminates 2 Hydroponic farms
-The Wind with an Auxiliary 80 sq. meter 200kw automated SkySail that drives the Ocean Empire to 18+knots and charges her GM ESS2 Battery Systems
-The third source is Energy from Waves captured by Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR). A new form of ATMD developed in collaboration with Maurer Sohnes Gmbh. The MDR system is basically an ATMD (adjustable tuned mass damper) utilized in skyscrapers to reduce their swaying motion. 

The Ocean Empire is fitted with a Daimler Turbo BlueTec engine believed to be one the most efficient Diesel just like the SunPower solar cells.

By employing existing OEM products the Ocean Empire should cost only a little more than conventional SuperYacht.

And isn’t real luxury to be trully independent, then the Ocean Empire by Sauter Design is your answer…

In figures:
Length  44m
10 guest 8 crew
Sail 80sq m
SunPower solar cells 70kw
Maure Sohnes MDR 50kw
Daimler DD16 Diesel Electric power generation 350kw
Siemens AC induction motors 300kw
GM Allison ESS2 Battery Storage UPS rated at 2,000kwh

Cruising speed 12kts
Hybrid power sailing cruising range at 18knts 3,500+nm
Zero Carbon power sailing range at 14 knots average Unlimited
Carbon Neutral power sailing range at 12knots average 12,000+nm
Zero carbon motoring range at 10knts average Unlimited

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