After stock decline, Tesla reinsures

In an interview with Automotive News, JB Straubel responsible for the Technology at Tesla confides its vision of things and reveals an economic reality. In a recent article we were announcing the interest of a Tesla battery pack (made from several hundreds of laptop batteries) with regard to other available technologies, here is a confirmation in figure.

For breakeven points, Tesla’s Model S (which arrives in 2012), is situated to annual 20.000 units while with the bigger lithium-ion batteries, in particular those used by Nissan and GM the price much higher:  $200 by kWh for 
Tesla’s while it is situated towards 700 or $800 by kWh for the others. 

In result according to Carlos Ghosn's terms, without governmental grants, Nissan has to produce 500.000 units annually to be profitable…

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