Downsizing, the 2012 Alfa Mito will use Fiat TwinAir 900cc engine

Obvious sign that times are changing, after the diesel versions which now represent a big majority of sales today, 
Alfa Romeo will offer the TwinAir engine which already equips Fiat500. 

It will be offered on the restyling of the Alfa Romeo Mito in 2012, thanks to a turbo and the variable valves system specific to the TwinAir engine, its power going from 85hp in the Fiat500 to 105ch will thus be comparable to the ane obtained from the current 1,4, MPI Multiair with a torque raising from 130Nm to 155Nm. Combined with a Start&Stop system, the estimated mixed consumption figures are around 4,5l/100km is a fall of almost 30 % compared to the 1,4l. 

While some people dislike that a brand like Alfa Romeo could use bicylinder engine, I am totally supporting, I call that innovation. We do not speak about a bicylinder in the 8C, but on the most compact model of the range and if the consumption reductions announced are verified in 2012 this would be a great achievement for the brand: much less consumption with similar power and higher torque who could ask for more!

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