Seoul’s electric bus

Seoul’s  Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it has started commercial operation of eco-friendly full-size electric buses on the Mt Namsan

The bus has been under development for one and a half year with local technology  Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hankuk Fiber

The low floor 11,05 meters long bus is equipped with Lithium Ion batteries offering a 83km range on a single charge. 
It can be charged in 30minutes thanks to a high speed charger.
It’s 322hp engine allows a 100kph top speed
Its body is made of a carbon composite material.

Five electric  buses are already operating in Mt Namsan and SMG plans to gradually substitute all 14 buses with electric coaches.

SMG has set a goal of putting a total of 120,000 electric vehicles in use in the city by 2020, 50% of them will be public transport vehicles.

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