Leila Nemesis future electric sports car Princess?

I had discovered this vehicle at the Ecartec show in Munich but not much information was available at this moment … After a small efficient vehicle, the Leila 9, Leila Motors moves on to serious things with the Nemesis developed in partnership with Willisits

As you can notice it with the Leila 9 they already had some notions of design, it is clearly the most good looking vehicle of the challenge! Initially conceived for the Shell Eco Marathon, the Leila 9 had to consume the least possible: 220kg, 2 engines of 0,5kW Vmax of 25km / hour

The Nemesis, presented to EcarTec in October 2010, is a different story with its R8 looking front and Dodge Challenger backlight I would definitely see myself behind the steering wheel of this sports car. Because this time the aggressive lines are not just a look …

The vehicle which weighs 1100kg is propelled by four 40kW engines (in wheels) total power: 160kW or 215ch with four wheel drive that must be fun!

It is only a prototype but it seems to good looking and achieved to stay in cardboards.
Regrettably there is no video available on the Nemesis then let’s have a look at their UDO ( Unidentified Drivable Object)…

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