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A few days I was presenting to you Relay Rides a car-sharing concept in the United States which was born in Boston. 

But a French company created by two students from the ESSEC business school provides a similar offer.
They participated in the Start-up competition organized by " Le Web " and took the price of the public among about 600 participants!

The site advantage: the community aspect the "Tribu Deways", you do not lend your car to whoever. Much more than a customer loyalty development tool it has been conceived so that the users exchange much more that cars: good plans, good addresses, meetings on the campus …

How does it work?
The complete process decomposes into four stages

The owner of the vehicle joins free of charge in some minutes, describes his vehicle, sets his rental and geo-localize it on a map.

The borrower, can check the offer online refine his search or use the geo-localization tool which turns out to be very practical. The reservation is then very simple, and made in a few clicks with a prepayment via Paypal (received by Deways).

The meeting: the owner and the borrower meet in the place where the vehicle is located and fill in a contract proposed by Deways as well as a check list of the car state.

The return of the vehicle: the owner evaluates the borrower (like in Ebay) and leaves a comment? Then Deways takes its 12,5% fee and transfers the money to the owner. 

Here we are, I think that it is rather clear either you are an owner or potential borrower you know what to do! 

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