(VIDEO) Philippe Streiff and his BMW GT5

On TechVehi we not only speak about green technologies but also about all the automotive technologies. In particular those allowing access to transportation and automobile to the persons with reduced mobility.

Former F1 pilot Philippe Streiff was seriously injured during an accident in 1989 during the Grand Prix of Brazil. 
But its passion for the automobile and its desire to drive remained strong. 

Having contributed to the development and setup of the first prototype of vehicle “mini-manche”, in association with Jean Daniel Kempf, Matra and Renault in 1995. He now did it again with a BMW GT5 adapted to the "mini-manche" license that you can discover in the video below.

Now technical adviser of the Ministry of Transport, Equipment, Tourism and the Sea Mr Streiff is a beautiful life lesson…

Thanks to Paris Match and Automobile Blog for the video of the meeting

For the pleasure of the noise of “double-declutching” (double-débrayage) and “heel-point” (talon-pointe).
Philippe Streiff in the Tyrell-Renault 015 for the Hungary Grand Prix in 1986

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