(VIDEO) The Hybrid BRP Can-AM Spyder

On Monday, the Center of advanced technologies BRP-Sherbrooke University ( CTA) obtained a 11,3 million dollar financial support to develop an  hybrid motorization for the Can-Am Spyder of BRP
6,2 million dollars comes from the Automobile Partnership Canada and 5,1 million dollars from BRP, the worksare planned over a four year period. 

Introduced in 2007, the roadster Can-Am Spyder with its Y shape architecture brings a new dimension in the universe of the road. Its unique design (two wheels in the front and one in the bach) and its size create challenges which push the limits of the technology of the electric hybrid vehicles. " “Our misson is complex and ambitious”, explains Mihai Rasidescu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CTA. “We have to develop a quite new electric hybrid technology for a vehicle in three wheels which will have to consume 50 % less of fuel and will reduce the CO2 emissions by 50% while being as powerfull and performant.”

Here is a video in Canadian French...

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