SUVs evicted from Paris?

“Le Parisien” revealed the story this morning then followed by an AFP confirmation

The French " ZAPA " project, “priority zones for the air” introduced by the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” French environmental summit that gives green guidelines to the country decided to work on the eviction of SUVs and old diesel engines in some areas of the city

Six local administration have been selected to make tests from the end of 2011

"We are going to make tests over the year 2011 for an experiment which could take place in 2012 ", specified to the AFP Denis Baupin from, “Europe Ecologie Les Verts”.

According to him four scenarios are studied depending on their impact and feasibility. Mixed scenarios are also possible

- Two scenarios concern the zone inside the Paris ring (périphérique), or the ring, the A86 and the highways of Ile-de-France (Greater Paris area) 
- Two other scenarios concern Paris (inner city) or everything inside the A86 highway.

Local administrations could then decide on which category of vehicles they would evict depending on their range emission class.

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