Gill Bobin creates the LightWeightConcept, three vehicles in one

Red Dot awards rewards every year any kind of design and concept in various domains following three main categories:

Product Design
Communication Design 
Design Concept

In every category comes subcategories. In Design Concept the one we interested in is the one of mobility, after the Opel GT/E Flextreme, we’re glad to present you the work of the designer Gill Bobin aka Bob Inkill who simply won the “best of the best” award

Light Weight Concept is a 2 seater urban vehicle with innovative conception, a combination of two parallel side panels and a number of cross panels for minimum weight and a maximal efficiency while maintaining strength

But it is not the only surprise of the concept there is more, two more surprises to be precise: when you open the trunk, the bumper shifts and gives access to electric vehicles (which are otherwise used for the propulsion of the car). 

The vehicles are monowheel motorcycles that use gyroscopes like Segways! How many times, stuck in the traffic, you dreamt of parking your car and running away, no it’s possible and you don’t even have to run you could simply ride home. 

Ok that is still pure science fiction but this concept really is an interesting solution…

Par Technologic Vehicles
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