Brammo Empulse


Brammo on its way to the top, with an affordable performance bike.
With the technology developed for the Enertia (their first release), the whole world realized they had not only an idea but also the skills, the style, that they were reliable, and most of all affordable!

So, Craig Bramscher founder and CEO of Brammo thought: let’s keep the core values, and bring more power and more range.
Initially developed for the FIM e-Power race as a RR version, Brammo presented today a street legal prototype, the Empulse, expected by 2011.

Based on a single model, it offers three different packages

Empulse 6.0 : 60 miles (96km) at 9995$
Empulse 8.0 : 80 miles (129km) at 11995$
Empulse 10.0 : 100 miles (161km) at 13995$

The Empulse uses a digital transmission, in house developed batteries and a serial satellite tracking. Its engine is the world’s first water cooled electric motorcycle engine and reaches a 100mph top speed, that’s some e-performances!

I definitely enjoy their products and I’m pretty sure this second model is just a beginning for Brammo.

Source: Brammo

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