Relay Rides car sharing 2.0

In the United States, a Boston company had an original idea. 
Why not offer car owners to share their car in a safe legal frame defined and organized by a company.

The owner of the car joins on the site by describing his vehicle, with no rental obligation once the questionnaire filled. Then a certified mechanics fits an easily removable device on the windscreen (photo below).
Then, you days and hours your car is available for rent and set the rates you want. The payment is made by a Relay Rides check every month.

Depending on the type of vehicle offered on a 10hour weekly rental base this system can provide annually from 2000 to $4000 and much more if you rent it even more regularly 

The borrower: everything begins with a registration on the site, you fill your contact details then informations regarding your driving license and driving records, once your application approved by Relay Rides, you receive your membership card. 
To rent a car, the site shows you the closest vehicles but other selection options are available… The minimal rental duration is one hour but it can go up to several days … Once in front of the car your membership card allows to open the doors of the vehicle and reach keys placed inside the vehicle.

Relay Rides takes 15 % on every transaction which is not enormous considering that thanks to them you car is “rentable”, device fitted and insured … Their insurance automatically covers damages up to a $1.000.000.

Price: the site proposes an indicative table but every owner can set his rates. For models of less than 3 years, the suggested rates goes from $8 an hour $65 /day for an economical car, to $12 an hour $90 / day for vehicles of superior range.

The Boston experiment has just been spread to the city of San Francisco and could soon reach the other American cities …

A similar service is proposed in the UK by the company Whipcar

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