EMILY could save your life

Emily (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard) it is the name of the electric remote controlled rescue buoy.

Created by the American company Hydronalix, it allows to reach more quickly and without danger the swimmers in trouble. Once close to you the buoy takes you back to the bank or the lifeguard's boat.

This 137cm of long and 40 cm wide buoy weighs 11 kg and revolutionizes the rescues in difficult waters
Just like in a jet-ski, a turbine is used for the propulsion.
Its 577 wh battery allows to patrol during 518 minutes at 8 kph. At maximum speed, 64 kph its autonomy is 35 minutes.

With a scheduled price of 3500$ Emily should interest quite a lot of coastal cities with difficult seas.

Par Technologic Vehicles
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