(VIDEO) The Lotus CityCar arrives in 2013

The manufacturer Proton owner of Lotus has just confirmed the release of the Lotus CityCar through Lotus’s CEO Dany Bahar. Proton will launch the EMAS, in Asia and will use the name of Lotus CityCar in Europe. 

For the motorization, it will certainly be the one proposed on the concept revealed by Lotus in Paris: hybrid with a range extender on a base of a 1.2l three cylinder. 

In brief it is an electric vehicle that develops a continuous 73hp and 220hp in peak with 240 Nm of torque. 
So it should be a rocket mini car? Not really this "Lotus" weighs 1400kg … So the performances are 0 to 100 kph in 9 seconds and a maximal speed of 170 kph. 

Once the14,2 kWh battery depleted, the 1,2l engine starts and supplies energy to the battery.

In the end the car has a 60km range in full electric and 500km in combined mode with projected emissions of only 60g of CO ² by km

To reduce development costs Proton could collaborate with another partner, rumours say that it could involve Nissan which would supply elements from Micra.

Can we link that to Nissan Mitsubishi cooperation on mini-cars announced just a few days ago? It is too early to assert it but elements match strongly. 

A likely scenario would then be: Proton for Asia, Lotus for a sports version and Nissan for the European Emas …

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