The Mini E tested in Paris

25 models are going to be put in Paris traffic for an experiment in real conditions.
In the exchange of 475€ per month, 25 privileged customers will be lent one.
For the French experiment Mini made a partnership with EDF and Veolia Environnement.

Still not registered? Too late, you had to do it between last July and September but nothing is lost, a second phase of test in Paris region is planned for 2011 summer.

Regrettably the Mini E will not be produced (for the moment) in serie.

At the same time, after you drove one, you quickly understand why: once over the  nice city look, exclusivity and surprising performances, the reality strikes. It is a strict two seater and there is  0 trunk or room that place any luggage! It is even strongly not recommended to place elements behind the front seats, against the prominent battery because it is where it’s cooling vents are...

In brief, fast and good looking but not functional. 
Why those tests then? They are being held to provide helpful informations for BMW’s future electric vehicle, the Megacity which will be a real electric vehicle, not just a combustion one converted to electric which is Mini’s case… 

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