Bolloré’s Autolib car in detail

I told you earlier this morning that Bolloré had been selected for the project Autolib, here are some details on the vehicle which isn’t the BlueCar.

Designed specifically for the project it features: 

4 seats
250km of autonomy in the city and 150km outside
Acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds
Speed limited to 130 km/h
Length 3.65 meters
Loading volume 350 dm ³
Average charging time of the "Lithium Metal Polymer" battery: 4h

Inside, the vehicle provides high-tech connectivity options: GPS, USB cards, 3G and GSM / EDGE, emergency call button.

Due to its silent operation, the car is also equipped with a system that emits sound at low speed for pedestrians.

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