(VIDEO) Ë-mobile the car of Russian people

Mikhaïl Prokhorov presented today the Russian hybrid car " Ë-Mobile " which will be launched in Russia in 2012 by "Ë-auto", joint venture of Mikhaïl Prokhorov’s Onexim group and the manufacturer Yarovit-Motors.

But this Ë-mobile is only one of the three prototypes revealed to the press: 
- "Ë-Mobile" ("IO" in Russian) is one hybrid gasoline electric

The two other models are:
-Ë-Cross-Coupé, a 2 doors coupé.
-Ë-Microvan, a 5 seater and the Ë-Fourgon, a small van.

The cars will be cheap, sold for 450.000 roubles (11.000 euro) maximum. 
The group hopes to produce 10.000 models a year.

This project is one of those developed by the Russian government within the framework of the modernization of the country in particular through the development of the new technologies near Moscow of a "city of the innovation ", Innograd, a Russian Silicon Valley.

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