In 2013 greener Formula 1 arrives

The FIA just confirmed new regulations for a greener F1, with smaller engines, allowing a fuel consumption economy of 35%. Instead of the 2.4l V8 the new engines will be 1.6l four cylinders.

Thanks to turbochargers and a very possible return of the “Kers” (flywheel) and others “additional energy management” power and performances should remain the same.

The other mechanical requirements are
-Engines have to be limited to 12000 rpm instead of 18000 rpm
-Per season, teams will only be able to use 5 engines in 2013 then 4 instead of 8 for this season
-From 2011 gearboxes will have to be used five times in a row instead of four

This is going to give a lot of work to engineers in terms of development and reliability…
But this has already been done twenty years ago: enjoy the Renault RE40 in the early eighties with Alain Prost behind the wheel

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