How to choose your electric scooter and which is the best on the market?


Saving time and money are the first benefits of a scooter. And the electric model adds the discretion and the eco-friendly side to these two wheels. But what is the best electric scooter, how to choose?

How to choose the best electric scooter?

After the electric car, today the electric scooter is getting more and more popular. Nowadays, the models have largely been improved, especially in terms of range, the batteries are more efficient. They are lithium-ion for some, and charge completely after four hours on a single domestic plug. Scooters can then travel several dozen kilometers. They are however quite expensive to buy, but are relatively economical compared to the combustion ones.

To choose your electric scooter, you can do it according to its category. There are mainly two at the moment:
- The 50 cc with a power up to 4,000 watts. In France it can be driven from 14 years old with a road safety certificate (BSR).
- The best 125cc electric scooter with a power between 4 and 15kW and requires a motorcycle license or a car license (B) with a seven-hour training.

The choice can also be based on the electric scooter offering the best quality / price ratio.

The top 5 of the best electric scooters of 2019

The best high-end electric scooter in 2019, the ETT Raker:

The first of the top 5 best electric scooters 2019 is the ETT Raker. It's a powerful 50cc model. The ETT Raker is distinguished from its competitors by the finish of its aluminum monocoque chassis, its range of 100 km after a full charge of 5 hours. This scooter incorporates a powerful braking system, a 220mm disc brake with two-piston calipers. It is also equipped with a fork of 120 mm. Other strengths of the ETT Raker, its maneuverability, its grip, but also the availability of updates. This one-seater scooter does not offer a removable battery at the moment. All these criteria are quite unique for a 50cc and that's why it wins the place of the best electric scooter in our ranking.

Niu N1S series, Niu's best electric scooter

In second place, the Niu N1S Series may not be considered the best 50cc electric scooter, but it sold pretty well. This bestseller offers a range between 40 to 60 km in a single charge. Reliable and affordable, this two-seater model can be driven without a license. Unlike the previous electric scooter, its battery is removable and can be charged at work or at home.

The acceleration system has been improved compared to the first generation. The lithium-ion battery charges in 6 hours. A simple plug of 220V is enough and the scooter is delivered with a charger. The NIU app also makes it possible to know exactly the state of the scooter before or while driving: the battery level, the recent travels, service due, the nearest petrol station ... Its maximum power is 2,400 watts for a maximum torque of 120 Nm.

Niu M1S series, one of the best Chinese electric scooter

The Niu M1S model incorporates an engine designed with Bosch, developed to be powerful and economical in power consumption. Its keeps its speed. The battery of this Chinese electric scooter offers an average autonomy of 50 km after a full charge of 3 hours. Any household plug can be used.
As for N1S, the driver can see via his smartphone if the battery must be charged, or if there is a maintenance to do or how many kilometers he has already driven, through the NIU application. Niu models also have an anti-theft system that warns the owner as soon as they are moved. Thanks to the GPS, you can follow the scooter everywhere. And in the dark, you can easily find your scooter with a remote control. The Niu M1S is equipped with a regenerative braking system. The energy released during braking is returned to the battery.

Super Soco, the best retro electric scooter

The Super Soco electric scooter is adorned with a vintage design. It offers a fairly average performance with 50 km traveled with a battery fully charged between 5 to 6 hours. The maximum power of this scooter is around 2,900 watts for a maximum torque of 150 Nm. Its average speed is 45kph and can reach a maximum 70kph in a closed track. Compared to the other models, the Super Soco has a rather average finish quality. According to tests and comparisons, one of the downside of this model is the bad distribution of masses. The battery is placed too high in the chassis.

Unu, the best German electric scooter

Of German design, Unu is a stylish electric scooter. It is inspired by the design of the old Vespa. Its design is simple, we do not see any LCD, just a body, motor, battery and trunk. The finish is not inspiring, and you have to like plastic. The 70 kilos of the scooter are powered by a 28.5 Ah battery placed under the saddle. On this side, accessibility remains a point to improve. The charging time required is 5 hours, but after 2 hours you can already get a 70% charge. In practice, unfortunately, Unu does not offer a very long range. It is limited to 35 km. Unu can carry two people up to 150 kg, but in parallel loses some of its power en route.

Conclusion: How to choose your electric scooter?

Ideal to move in town, the electric scooter of 50 or 125cc can be chosen according to the power that one seeks and its budget. You can also opt for the one who has the coolest design or offers more range than power. It is important to note, however, that this model is not available for the most in Europe as the electric scooter is more expensive than the combustion one. A base 50cc can be purchased from 1,500€, and the 125 cc can climb at more than 10,000€. The price relies in the product quality, finish but mostly in the battery used.

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