DTV Shredder, the powerfull off-road skateboard

Ben Gulak 22 years old is already famous in the inventor’s world.
After the Uno Bike three ago the guy just did it again.

This time, the vehicle is an extreme motorized skateboard called the DTV Shredder. The idea grew last year as a 
recreation object but, once created, some other applications became evident, military.

As the DTV Shredder really doesn’t know much boundaries in terms of off road capabilities the US Army got involved in the project. It can go to 30mhp (50kph) and climb hills 40 degrees slopes

“Personally, I am leaning towards manufacturing the Shredder ourselves, starting with the smaller lighter version for consumers while we continue to develop the 'Military/More Powerful' version. Then, 18 months later we will release our second version which will have the bigger engine etc.” Ben Gulak

To book the DTV Shredder, BPG werks
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