(VIDEO) The new Tesla (hyper) Roadster, a $ 200,000 rocket


Expected for 2020 the new Tesla Roadster has just been revealed at the Fremont factory along with Tesla's semitruck, in short: three figures to remember the 0 to 96.5kph (60mph) in 1.9 seconds a 998km range and a price of $ 200,000!


Almost 10 years after the creation of the Roadster that gave life to the Model S, Model X and Model 3, it is next to a semi-truck (as impressive in every way) that Tesla's new electric hypercar has been revealed!

With this new version, the Tesla Roadster goes from the rank of electric sportscar to hypercar with 4-wheel drive and 0 to 100kph in 1.9seconds! An impossible figure until then ... It is true that with the Model S going from 0 to 100kph in less than 3 seconds Tesla could not consider that it was enough for its hypercar.

Moved by a colossal 200kwh battery the roadster has 4 seats and front passengers can enjoy a targa roof. Four wheel drive with an electric motor at the front and two at the rear and a theoretical vmax of 400kph! Even at $ 200,000 there is no competition!

As always with Tesla pre-orders are open for a $ 50,000 bill

On the semitruck side we will do an article soon too!

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