(VIDEO) RAESR Tachyon Speed: first prototype of the 1250hp electric hypercar!


As part of a promotional video of its activities, the company E.On which specializes in charging stations, storage and green electricity production we discover a series of “free” prototypes and electric vehicles !

We land in the desert with 10 interesting species that are at the image of their owners, free, different and eco-friendly!

Among them we discover an electric hypercar called RAESR Tachyon Speed, a beast announcing 1250hp for 4950nm of torque from no less than 6 electric motors! Its tubular chassis is in chromoly, range is not the main goal with only 150 miles (241km in urban use), however the maximum speed is announced at 240 miles per hour which is almost 390kmh! Its weight is 2950lbs, 1338kg, it is very close to the ratio power to weight 1/1 !

Among the other cars we find an electric AC Cobra 

And a well-known electric motorcycle, the Lightning Motorcyle

Note that this series of film was shot "without oil" with a drone and an electric car with camera mounted on an articulated arm.

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