(VIDEO) The first autonomous cab in Paris by NAVYA


With the success of their autonomous shuttle the NAVYA SHUTTLE which counts no less than 50 shuttles in Europe, the United States or in Asia on private sites: mainly factories or central for example, it is from now on open road and more precisely in Paris that we will meet the last born of this company, the Autonom CAB

Officially presented yesterday, here is the first autonomous taxi, a mobility solution that is positioned as an offer that takes into account the "revolution of uses and technology", no driver seat, dashboard, steering wheel or pedals, this autonomous taxi / shuttle can carry up to 6 passengers, the door opens and closes via a dedicated application.

The AUTONOM CAB service will be operational in Paris from the second quarter of 2018 for privatized or shared use services!

The Autonom Cab is setup to drive at 50kph on average and 90kph in peak.

In terms of reliability of the autonomous technology, NAVYA boasts the most sophisticated multi-sensor technology with 10 LIDARS sensors, 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 GNSS antennas and an inertial unit for at least a triple redundancy of informations and therefore a optimal security!


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