(VIDEO) Tokyo 2017: after the autonomous cars here are the electric motorcycles equipped with artificial intelligence!


The Tokyo Motor Show is the reference for new technologies, this year, Honda and Yamaha present two futuristic electric motorcycles that are self-balanced!



True proof of concept, this self-stabilized electric motorcycle is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to react like a human being: it can recognize its owner and interact with him!

On the technical side, its engine is placed in the rear hub, it is powered by a Lithium Ion battery for a weight of 213kg there is also a rear wheel steering as on some cars, it is linked with a rocker placed under the frame to manage the right balance of the bike!

This concept clearly comes from another planet, just like Yamaha's other two-wheelers presented on the show where three-wheel motorbikes cohabit with sportbikes driven by robots like the Motobot v2 that you would think straight out of the Transformers movie!


Honda Riding Assist-e

The Honda version of the self-balancing electric motorcycle wants to be more reassuring and highlights the safety with the reduction of the risk of falling, it is also equipped with autonomous technology in order to be able to follow its pilot for example as in the video.

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