First test of this French made LMX 161-H, a super light all-terrain electric motorcycle


At this project’s origin, two young French engineers Adam Mercier and Lucas Suteau who wanted to create a machine close to a downhill mountain bike whose performance would be close to an 85cc dirtbike.


Without going into details this LMX weighs 42kg, it runs a Samsung battery of 57v and 30Ah and the engine develops 3kW on normal use and 8kW in peak.

The seating position is spot on and you immediately feel at ease on this LMX 161-H, high perched on the 85cm saddle, 26 inch wheels at the front and 19 at the back, you are ready to tackle any obstacle, bump or jump. Front and rear suspensions are adjustable but comes almost perfectly setup from factory, it is then up to you to modify them depending on your riding style or the terrain on which you are evolving.


Thanks to it’s light weight the LMX is easy to use for any type of riders. Novice or expert, it will tackle whatever you throw at it. Two power modes are available, an eco mode for town use or for beginers and a full power mode which is enough to power-slide out of turn or to make a small wheeling. The brakes look light but do their job thanks again to it’s 42kg weight.

LMX announces a 2h/50km range of freeride in full power mode and a 3h/75km of freeride in eco mode, charging takes 2h30. 
The machine will be homologated in the near future, indeed the brand is working on the European homologation  named L1e-b equivalent to a 50cc. As for price, it is sold as a special pre order at 4450 € VAT-ex, public price will then be 7800 € VAT-incl, estimated delivery is May 2018.



Here at TechVehi's we love the concept and the product. It is an ultra fun, playful machine, offering serious performance made with quality parts. We regret a slightly light finish, but the model tried remains a prototype, what's more the 161-H is not intended to be a showroom bike but rather to be used as a high quality ultra light electric motocross.


Article by Hadrien Le Flanchec

Par Technologic Vehicles
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