(VIDEO) Passenger Drone, a new air taxi revealed!


While car manufacturers are launched in the race to the autonomous car, it is perhaps in the air that the transport revolution will take place with passenger drones, here is the latest one by the company Passenger Drone.


The most ahead city on this subject is Dubai which after announcing a test fleet with the "Ehang" passenger drones a few months ago, presented last week a new fleet that will be hosted in this initiative with "Volocopters" future air taxis in the United Arab Emirates.

For the newcomer, Passenger Drone, like its colleagues it is a multirotor with counterrotating propellers equipped with 16 motors, it welcomes two people and can be piloted directly or remotely, it reaches a maximum speed of 70 kph and can fly 20 to 25 minutes.


Thanks to its carbon structure the weight batteries included is limited to 240kg however the payload remains low with 120kg maximum for the passengers.

In its technical sheet, there is also talks of a range extender but no details for now!
No commercial or price announcement either, but already a first flight for a prototype and we should soon know more about this newcomer in the upcoming air taxi market!


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