2017 Tokyo Auto Show, a self-balanced electric motorcycle and a world first electric sports-car


The Tokyo Motor Show is obviously the reference show for Japanese manufacturers and while they presented us their Honda Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in world premiere, it is two world first that will be presented by Honda at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.


Honda Sports EV Concept - an electric sports-car


After the concept of electric city car, Honda clearly shows its ambitions in the 100% electric market by teasing a concept of electric sportscar named SportsEV, it will combine performance and "AI" artificial intelligence, understand autonomous car capabilities.


Honda Riding Assist-e


Double first on the two wheels side with a self-balanced electric motorcycle (an idea already explored with the LIT C1). This "balance control" technology works at low speed to compensate the weight of the driver. As for its motor, no figures, we know simply that it is electric and that its center of gravity is very low!

While the brand had been relatively shy recently on electric concept cars (the bulk of the forces was probably captured by the NSX) the future looks promising at Honda both on two and on four wheels!

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