(VIDEO) Borgward Isabella, an electric sedan with a gracious design! IAA


Don't be fooled by the diamond logo, this is not a Renault but a forgotten brand that reborns, Borgward a German brand abandoned in 1961, recently taken over by Chinese investors that envisionned a stylished electric sedan take uses the name of the brand's most famous model Borgward Isabella.

This Borgward Isabella presented in wolrd premiere at the 2017 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show is a concept car to highlight the range and attract the eye of the public - and it works! It will certainly not see the way of production as is but we have the right to dream ...
We like its lines really dictated by the flow of air and aerodynamics, it seems to fly and its interior is just as sculptural!


On the powertrain side, very few official information but rumors: quite reasonable and sufficient, it is said that this concept has 300hp from two electric motors for a range of 500km.
A very futuristic style with a realistic technical sheet, that could bode the arrival of an electric sedan soon at BORGWARD! To be continued

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