(VIDEO) Renault SYMBIOZ, the car becomes an ecosystem! IAA


Here is the Renault concept for the Frankfurt IAA 2017 show, and it is more than a concept car, manufacturers now envision life concepts, a lifestyle and an ecosystem of the future where the car is placed at the center of the house both to power the grid and be an object of entertainment.



This global concept Renault SYMBIOZ is the vision of the brand at the 2030 horizon, but the electric and autonomous vehicle SYMBIOZ is a functional prototype that will be available to test for the press by the end of the year. This is a propulsion with motors placed on the rear axle and batteries in the floor.
The SYMBIOZ electric sedan prefigures a series model expected by 2023.
The concept-car demonstrates Renault's innovative "Easy Connect" technologies with connected services and especially "Easy Drive" name of the level 4 autonomous technology that equips this Renault SYMBIOZ.
Thanks to the autonomous driving technology the seats swivel to become a living space and the dashboard retracts.

In the vision of Renault this car is therefore integral part of the "grid" and even gets a house at its image, very nice proposal!


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