(VIDEO) Hybrid Hypercar: Mercedes Project One the superlative of downsizing costs 2.7 million €!


While we could have expected a race to power for this new hybrid hypercar it is in the technical superlatives and downsizing that the Mercedes Project One excels with its 1000hp from a 1.6l V6!


Revealed in premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt IAA Here is the specs sheet of this hybrid hypercar that borrows a lot of technologies from Formula 1, starting from the interior, it is a Formula 1 for 2 !

Indeed, the combustion engine is only a 1.6-liter engine with a V6 architecture, but this engine can reach speeds of 11,000 rpm and in addition it is backed by four electric motors! It is placed in the rear center position.


Then, instead of the usual in-wheel motors at the four corners, they are only two at the front and the other two are placed on the engine and on the turbo! But here too, the electric motors are doped with speeds of rotation that can reach more than the double of the industry’s standards with 50.000 rpm instead of the 20.000 standards (source manufacturer).
Thanks to these last two, there is no more turbos lag, everything is immediate!

In the figures, there is 240kW on the front axle and 500kW on the rear axle, which is close to 1000hp.

The range in full electric is 25km, the 0 to 200kph takes less than 6 seconds and the vmax is set at 350kph.

Side weight and price only 1300kg and a ticket of 2.7 million to be able to acquire this concentrate of technology that will arrive in 2019!

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