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This year, it seems that all the manufacturers are in tune and make us step into a future (not so far away) with autonomous concept-cars from Audi, Renault, Toyota, Smart, Honda, Jaguar... Going from today to 2040. Just a few days before the opening of the IAA 2017 Show here is an overview of the cars expected!


Audi with concept cars of level 4 and 5

In addition to the Audi A8, which offers and demonstrates the Audi AI autonomous technology level 3, Audi will introduce two concepts, a sedan and an SUV, which are easily identified as a response to the Tesla Model S and Model X with levels of autonomous technology 4 and 5.

Audi AI level 4 - A SUV derived from the e-tron Sportback Concept, quattro with three motors for 370kW of power with automatic line change and assisted driving up to 130kph notably thanks to the ZFAS technology.
Audi AI level 5 - a level 5 concept for long journeys, with a range of 700 to 800 kilometers! No need to worry about the road anymore, the car then leaves room for entertainment, a car of the D segment driven by 4 electric motors.

Renault Symbioz

The French are also in the race with Renault which announces a concept of autonomous, electric and connected car, a vision for the year 2030, it will be presented more in details on September 12 at the press opening of the IAA 2017


Toyota Concept I and C-HR muscle

Presented at the CES in Las Vegas this year, the Concept-i will make its first European on the Frankfurt Motor Show, autonomous, connected and customizable.
We will also discover a sporty version of their urban hybrid SUV, the C-HR Hy-Power concept

Smart EQ Vision

Presented this week this vision is the carsharing, autonomous and connected electric car of the Daimler group.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Next to a hybrid version of the CR-V, Honda announces a mysterious Urban EV Concept that gives direction for an upcoming series model.

Jaguar Future Type

Teased yesterday with first informations and videos, it is the vision of the brand at the horizon 2040


VW ID Buzz

Now that the production is official, we will certainly find it in Frankfurt



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