(VIDEO) Electric Jaguar: E-Type Zero and Future Type, the link between past and future!


Jaguar has just revealed a prototype and a concept-car, the first is an electric EType developed by the Jaguar Land Rover Classic department, the other is a futuristic vision of the automobile in 2040.


Jaguar E-Type Zero


Starting from a E-Type 1.5 Series, Jaguar Land Rover engineers converted and upgraded this classic to give it first-class performances with 220kW of power and the 0 to 100kph in 5.5 seconds.
This E-Type Zero is also a demonstrator of the technology that will be used in their electric SUV I-Pace.


The 40kWh battery of the E-Type Zero allows to announce a range of 270km, it is placed in the engine compartment instead of the in-line six cylinders in line!
This electric version of Type E wins 1 second on the 0 to 100kph and 46kg compared to its ancestor.


Jaguar Future Type

Fewer details are available on this concept car, we simply know that it is autonomous and connected to meet the needs of tomorrow.

These models are revealed on the occasion of the Jaguar Tech Fest and go hand in hand with the announcement that all models of the brand will be electrified from 2020.


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